Substrate thinning, wafer thinning, die thinning

Substrate, Wafer and Die Thinning

Brittle material substrate thinning by grinding, lapping, polishing with over 30 years experience can produce damage-free sub surfaces on thin and ultra-thin substrates as thin as 50um thick (and down to 10um in some cases).

Applications Requiring Substrate, Wafer and Die Thinning:

  • Thinned compound semiconductor devices
  • Electro-optical devices
  • Bumped wafers
  • Thin multi-chip modules
  • Smart card electronics
  • Satellite/RPV microelectronics
  • Glass flat panel displays
  • Solar cells on glass
  • Light emitting diodes

Substrate Thinning Process

During ESD controlled proprietary thinning processes, the substrate edges, device topography and protrusions are protected. Depending on customer requirements, substrate, wafer and die thinning may involve:

  • Grinding
  • Lapping
  • CMP polishing
  • or some combination of the above processes

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